S2 E3 - Fintech Fringe with Calypso Harland

In S2 E3 of The Wonderful Podcast 🎙, Calypso Harland shares tips and insights on scaling up businesses, including her thoughts on how to get the most out of Fintech Week London - and Fintech Fringe which she set up.

We get to hear the hows and whys of creating this value-packed events series around a year ago, and all the fantastic and tailor-made sessions they’ll be running this year. Additionally, she and Kieron James chat about the power of networking and the importance of having a vibrant workplace.

Calypso shares her optimism about all the good that tech and the companies leveraging it can achieve, including improving accessibility and inclusion. Plus, Calypso urges business leaders to make the most of powerful tools that help them measure, share and optimise their positive impact.

On the being well side of things, we hear Calypso’s experiences of burnout and her techniques to recover from and avoid it, and Kieron tells us about a handy tool to help us stick to these key habits. And when you’re really ready to unwind and escape, make sure you check out Calypso’s Netflix recommendation too!

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‎Show The Wonderful Podcast, Ep S2 E3 - Fintech Fringe with Calypso Harland - 27 May 2024

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