S1 E1 - Charity begins at home, right?

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Exploring the intersection between doing good, doing well and being well. Daughter and father co-founder team, Carmen and Kieron James describe their shared journey, from the highs and lows of launching their free charity giving platform, Wonderful to harnessing speed, simplicity, security and enormous savings to create a revolutionary Fintech business. Along the way, they share wellbeing habits that propel them forwards, like running marathons, turning vegan, taking up yoga and so much more – particularly after a health crisis sparked a transformational and educational journey for Carmen.

Episode 1: Charity begins at home, right?

She was trekking in Colombia while her brother jumped out of an aeroplane to raise money for a teenage cancer charity. The whole family was oblivious to the chain of events he'd started, but this leap marked the beginning of a journey which would see them launch a free online giving platform and ultimately lead to the creation of a revolutionary payments Fintech.

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